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Say No to Mosquitoes!!

What would you say is the most dangerous animal on Earth?

Sharks? Snakes? Crocodiles?

Of course the answer depends on how you define dangerous. Personally I’ve had a thing about sharks since the first time I saw Jaws, I even remember being afraid of the deep end of the swimming pool after watching that movie! But if you’re judging by how many people are killed by an animal every year, then the answer isn’t any of the above.

Believe it or not it’s mosquitoes!

When it comes to killing humans, no other animal even comes close. Take a look:

Pretty crazy, huh? Unfortunately, it’s mosquito season again here in Florida and it is worse than ever! Now with several cases of the Zika virus confirmed in the Tampa Bay area people are understandably worried about contracting the disease. Florida Governor Rick Scott has even traveled to D.C. to ask Congress to act quickly on the Zika virus and its carrier, the Aedes mosquito. Govenor Scott has asked for more than $1 billion in federal funding to help combat the virus.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is more to worry about when it comes to mosquitoes. According to the Florida Department of Health there is a host of other diseases that mosquitoes carry in the state. Here is an excerpt from their website:

“Mosquito-borne diseases found in Florida include West Nile virus disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. Many other mosquito-borne diseases are found in different parts of the world, and can be brought back to Florida if infected people or animals are bitten by mosquitoes while in Florida. Some examples of these diseases include chikungunya fever, dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and Rift Valley fever.”

The worst part is if you’re anything like me, mosquitoes love me. I can’t even go outside of my own house without getting swarmed. I've used repellents, but they always seem to find areas I missed or the mosquitoes just don't care and I still get bitten. I've found the best thing to do, instead of just using repellent, is to try to take preventative measures to try and stop their breeding. It is practically impossible to get rid of mosquitoes completely, but it is important to do what you can to prevent or minimize the mosquito population on your property.


Remove any objects that collect water — Take an inventory of your yard and remove anything that could hold standing water since these objects can serve as primary mosquito breeding grounds. Mosquitoes require only a small amount of stagnant water to deposit their eggs so don’t overlook any potential water collection vessel. Flower pots, bird-feeders, old tires, wheelbarrows, and buckets are just a few examples of favorite mosquito habitats.

Clean clogged gutters — Gutters tend to become clogged with leaves and other debris overtime. Flooded roof gutters and clogged drainage systems create standing water that attracts mosquitoes in droves. It will be worth your time to get the ladder out and give your gutters a good cleaning.

Fill in low-lying areas — Ditches and other low-lying areas also collect standing water after a rainfall. Survey your property for these potential trouble spots and fill them in wherever possible.

Repair damaged or ineffective window screens — Repair your window screens. Tiny mosquitoes can find their way into your home through the smallest tear in your screens. Consider replacing worn screens or ones with openings that are too large to keep mosquitoes out. A 16-18 mesh is the recommended size for pest control purposes. If you have a screened-in deck, porch, or patio check the screen condition on this as well.

Repair cracks and leaks — Cracks in your home’s foundation and exterior walls can provide easy entry for mosquitoes so be sure to seal any that you find. Also repair any leaks that could create pools of water.

Install bug lights — Installing yellow outdoor bug lights won’t necessarily keep mosquitoes away, but it will make your property somewhat less attractive during the nighttime hours.


And if all of that is still not enough, like it was for my home, and if you want to protect your property from mosquitoes, Earth-Tech Property Solutions can perform a mosquito abatement service in which your property is treated. Earth-Tech’s Mosquito Abatement Program is unlike most other mosquito control programs because here at Earth-Tech we target mosquitoes where they live and breed.

It all starts with a free inspection of your property. We pay particular attention to where mosquitoes tend to breed – dense vegetation, under patio decks, low lying areas and other areas with poor air circulation which often attract hordes of mosquitoes.

After having this service done I found a great reduction in mosquitoes around my home. With Earth-Tech Property Solutions on the job mosquito populations are reduced. With fewer mosquitoes you can get back to enjoying your time outdoors without being constantly harassed.

Give our office a call to schedule your FREE QUOTE - 813-654-1888 or

email us through our "contact us" page on our website at:

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