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Landscape Care

Earth-Tech's Landscape Care Program

Your trees and shrubs are a beautiful, and impactful element of your landscaping. From adding luxurious, comforting shade, to bringing the gorgeous colors of the season to your space, these elements enhance and elevate the rest of your landscaping design.


To ensure your landscaping continues to leave a lasting, welcoming impression, it is important to nurture the growth and health of your trees and shrubs.


Earth-Tech's Landscape Care Program will help to keep these trees and shrubs healthy and vibrant.


Having your favorite tree or shrub overcome by an insect infestation or neglect is never an issue when you trust Earth-Tech's Landscape Care Program. We will give your trees and shrubs the same care and consideration we give to your lawn. Our expert landscape care professionals understand Florida’s climate and what environmental conditions influence tree and shrub growth. We use this knowledge to provide customized landscaping care services that treat and prevent any issues with the appropriate remedy.

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