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It's starting to get hot!

More likely than not, your lawn is looking a little dry! It's that time of year again unfortunately, summertime! It's our mission at Earth-Tech Property Solutions to keep your lawn looking great all year round, but we need your help to do that!

We have noticed that a lot of our customers lawns look dry and are in need of some extra water. Please check your irrigation system. If your lawn looks like the lawn below or worse, it's thirsty!

With changing weather patterns, you may need to increase your watering amount and frequency to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. As always, be sure to check your local watering laws(posted below). Watering days, times and amounts vary depending on your homes location.

Make sure to adjust the frequency and amount of watering based on weather conditions. Amount of rain fall, outside temperature, and many other conditions must be taken into consideration. If you need help determining the best watering schedule for your specific lawn, or just have general questions, call our knowledgeable office staff at 813-571-0091.

Thank you for trusting us!

Earth-Tech Property Solutions

Watering Restrictions per county:

Hillsborough County:

Pasco County:

Polk County:

Pinellas County:

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