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What is ARBORjet Tree Injection?

Imagine protecting trees from invasive pests without worrying about off-target spray or soil applied pesticides. That's exactly what ARBORjet trunk injection offers. Trunk injection can be compared to a hospital I.V., we inject our formulations directly into the tree's vascular system where it distributes throughout the tree.  Moreover, formulations are sealed inside the tree through the use of an Arborplug to achieve fast and effective results.

General Info

Florida Specific

With Earth-Tech's ARBORjet Tree Injection, you can rest assured that our certified technicians will give you great service and that your trees will be taken care of. This the best, most cost efficient way to treat your trees. Even if you did a treatment your trees/palms every two years(which can be done more frequently), it would only be a fraction of the cost to replace it with a new tree/palm. The cost of removing and replacing that same tree/palm is about 10-15 times the cost of the average tree/palm replacement . That means that you could treat a tree with Earth-Tech's ARBORjet Tree Injection for 20-30 years before the cost of treatment equals the cost of removing and replacing a tree. 

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