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Lawn Care

Earth-Tech's Lawn Fertilization Program



A green and healthy lawn is a beautiful thing. It’s not only aesthetically appealing, it can add to your property value and help the environment by reducing pollutants from the air and water, and keeping our waterways clean.

However, keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy is time-consuming, labor-intensive and can be very frustrating. There is so much to do: fighting weeds, disease, and insects, feeding and nourishing the soil, providing treatment to maximize the growth of different varieties of grass.


Who wants to bother with all of that?


Earth-Tech's Lawn Fertilization Program helps you achieve the lawn results you want – while saving you time and frustration!

We Start With a Thorough Lawn Analysis

No two lawns are alike, because of this, we start with a Free Lawn Analysis to identify the specific conditions and any existing problems. During the inspection, we prepare a detailed inspection report. Then we build a customized plan that’s designed to help keep your lawn looking its very best year-round.


Earth-Tech's Lawn Fertilization Program tackles the root of the problems and ensures that your lawn stays healthy throughout the entire year.


Our comprehensive program includes:


  • Fertilization and nutrition

  • Preventative weed treatments

  • Targeted treatments for weeds, disease, and insects

  • Annual soil pH testing


The result? A lawn you can be proud of any time of the year.

Year Long Fire Ant Control

Topchoice is the #1 professional Fire Ant treatment and the only Fire Ant treatment guaranteed* to provide protection for a full year. Its single application controls existing colonies while also preventing new infestations from forming.

How TopChoice Works:

  • TopChoice has a dual action, controls existing fire ant infestations while preventing new infestations.

  • The granular formulation is simply broadcast over the target area.

  • The active ingredient in TopChoice is released into the soil with rainfall or irrigation after application. The active ingredient will stay in the soil for continual control for up to one year.

  • As fire ants move throughout the treated soil they come in contact with the active ingredient, exposing themselves to it and carrying it back into the colony without even knowing it.

Why Choose TopChoice:

  • 1 application controls and prevents fire ants for  1 year guaranteed*!! 

  • 1 application provides as much control as three or more applications of a parathyroid or bait.

  • It is a restricted use product only available to licensed professionals. A homeowner-applied product is not available.

  • Can be applied anytime of the year.

  • Developed, supported and Backed by Bayer.

  • Proven effective on over 1.5 million lawns throughout the Southeast.

  • Saves you time and money from not having to perform costly retreats.


*The Guarantee is backed by Bayer and is limited to the remedy of a retreatment of your property. If this product does not perform to your satisfaction, please contact your provider for the retreatment. Lawn care companies please contact Bayer Customer Service at 1-800-331-2867 for the product for the retreatment.

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